Simple Moments... (Part 2)

So this one evening, something awful happened, the details of which I won't go into. I was so very upset I just ran out of my apartment at 11:00pm, jumped into a rickshaw and went straight there. I lit my candles as usual but this time I sat down on the ground. All I could do was bawl incessantly and sob deeply. People came, people went. A few whispered into my ear 'this too shall pass', as they left. It must have been one in the morning, I hadn't moved from there, I couldn't. And out of nowhere this young man comes up to me. He says 'Excuse me, please don't be afraid. But are you alright?'. I somehow gathered some strength and said meekly 'Yes I'm fine thanks'. He then proceeded to say 'Look I'm not a stalker or anything but I came here earlier to pray for my dad, he's in Lilavati Hospital and I noticed you crying. I couldn't stop thinking about you after going back so I thought I'd check to see if you were still here. And I bought you some water too. It's sealed, check the bottle yourself and here's the bill from the pharmacy so you know I'm not trying to do anything to you. Please just drink some water, you need it.' I could barely get any words out so I whispered 'thank you'. He asked if he could drop me somewhere, call someone for me since it was so late. I shook my head to say no. I assured him I was fine and very grateful. He was hesitant to leave, stood on the side silently letting me be. Finally, he had to leave. He looked back up at me as he stood beside his car, not knowing if he was doing the right thing by leaving me there.

Ten minutes later two of my friends arrive out of nowhere, light their candles and shocked to see me there like that, take me home. I was so blown away by this strangers' gesture. So grateful, so amazed, so moved. It put so much into perspective for me. Here's a man with a sick father in hospital who for no reason is looking out for me. I would love to thank him again, wherever he may be and I sincerely hope his father recovered. Amen.

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