Simple Moments... (Part 1)

Life is made up of moments. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the chaos we call life around us, lies an opportunity. An opportunity to give someone else's life a moment. One that is sweet, one that is unforgettable. I've been lucky enough to be blessed with two very special moments like that.

I was heading back home from college one evening by bus. We were stuck in horrendous traffic, it had already taken me an hour to reach Haji Ali from town, I was going through my share of problems most teenagers are slapped with and so I guess I had an expression on my face which read 'just shoot me now and get it over with'. As I was lost in my own world, looking out of the window I noticed a hand waving vigorously. I followed the hands to see a young foreigner in a car, now pointing at me with a smile. I turned around to see who's attention he wanted to capture. I looked back at him and he nodded his head, pointed to me again. Confused, I pointed to myself, implying 'who me'? He nodded 'yes' and put his fingers on his lips outlining this huge smile on his face. He then sulked and shook his head to say 'no' and then smiled again with a nod saying 'yes'. And then he pointed back at me with a smile as if to say 'go on, your turn to smile'. And boy did I smile. To which he tilted his head, spread his hands with palms facing the sky saying 'now that's what I'm talking about'. So we both smiled at each other and suddenly the traffic started to flow, he went one way, the bus another.

It may seem so silly, but that gesture just stuck with me. A complete stranger, for no reason brought such a smile to my face, such a warmth to my heart, without a word. I went back home beaming that evening, with a moment, one I'd never forget.

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