Below, is a sample of one of the many poems Ramona has written. For more, please click HERE.



Where do you hide from me?
Are you chasing your butterfly dreams,
In green fields where children giggle,
And lovers lay connected down to earth,
Sharing silences and candy floss
Like the bubbling clouds on a canvas of sky?

Why do you hide,
And disappear;
In galaxies hidden
Far far away in your thoughts, light years away in your mind?

Will you not instead hold my hand,
And tell me your stories?
Fill your arms with my all - faults and glory,
Allowing the sun to welcome night?

Won't you jump with me
Over streams of melting ice?
Fly with me
To our secret paradise?

To where the wind blows,
To play with my hair;
Where the salt in my sweat,
Tastes sweeter than prayer.

Walk into me.
You know the way.
I'm the temple you've searched for,
Not trusting it's there.

Let it go o fighter!
Thoughts are but of yesterday.
Start to grow o fighter!
Feel no pain as you walk away.