Ramona Arena has written and composed songs.

Some have been released and some of them
are waiting to be released in an album (or two) she has been working on.

Ramona writes lyrics for all her songs
and is very open to writing lyrics for other people's songs too.

(Click on the underlined Song Titles to hear them)

Singles Released:

Feel - Ramona Arena & Rickber Serrano
Wanna Be Your Only Love - Ramona Arena & Anish Sood
Hello World - Ramona Arena & Anish Sood
In Time - Lost Stories ft Ramona Arena
Piya - Blumenkraft & Ramona Arena
Deep Dark - Forty Two (Ashutosh Phatak & Ramona Arena - Unreleased)

Bollywood Movie 'Roar':

  • Tribal Song (Instrumental)
  • Zaraa Jeene De (Sung by Ramona Arena and Aditya Trivedi)
  • Khatra (Sung by Neeti Mohan and Bonnie Chakraborty)