I've lived in India and in Switzerland. Both countries are home to me and I love them both equally in my own way. It's heartbreaking each time I leave either place, exciting each time I return. I often feel like I'm sitting on a fence with a leg on either side, calling them both 'home' but not having my feet firm on the ground in either land.

Most Indians gush when they hear 'Switzerland' just as the Swiss do when they hear 'India'. People always ask me which of the two I prefer; I have a standard response. Both places have their plus points and minus points. India is as imperfect as she seems and Switzerland isn't as perfect as she seems.

Without going into detail about why (it is a blog afterall!), all I can say is I have come to realise that no matter how beautiful, cheap, warm, fascinating or charming a place may be, one thing it will never be is perfect.

Utopia is nothing beyond fantasy...it is a myth, fiction... The only way it can exist, is if you look within, fight your own wars to become the King and sole Master of yourself. It's never about a place. It's about you. If you feel truly comfortable and at peace with yourself, you could be happy in the perfection of imperfection anywhere in the world. You are your own Utopia.

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