Simple Moments...(In Conclusion)

Over the past two weeks, I have shared with you two experiences, that touched my heart and stayed with me years after. Experiences with complete strangers who seemed to come out of nowhere to lift me up. I have never seen them again, and honestly, if ever I did, I doubt I'd recognise them. But that isn't the point.

We get caught up in the city, the traffic, life, tasks, chores and responsibilities and often don't stop to take a look around. There is so much in fine print, that just eludes us on a daily basis. I don't mean to sound preachy, I find myself a victim of this too... I'm just literally thinking out loud.

I think that in a country like India, the chances of having such encounters and experiences are ten fold. Maybe that's why she is referred to as a magical, mystical, healing land. There is so much poverty around us and yet we see smiling faces behind the doors of tiny make shift huts, which sleep between seven and ten people. If we were grateful for what we have instead of being immune to it, I reckon we'd be smiling lots more.

Fact is, we as human beings have the power to make or beak someones' day. We have the power to hurt or heal. As cheesy as it seems when you hear someone say 'smile, you never know what a difference it could make to another', it really is infectious! :)

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