My Vent!

First things first, this note of mine is a vent so it will have strong and harsh language and profanity. If you are easily offended don't bother to read on. I am angry. My blood is boiling. What's worse is I don't know what to do about it, where to direct this anger and who to beat up. Yes. As peaceful as I may be, this has made me so angry, that I actually want to see the numerous individuals involved in this crime get tortured. Slowly.

In the CM's own constituency - women and children, little girls who are meant to be protected at a government shelter, get gang raped by cops, sold as prostitutes, are forced to undress and dance naked, get filmed for making pornographic film clips and best of all - if the girls get pregnant, the babies are aborted with a stick by the lady running this 'shelter' - Jaswanti Devi. She apparently has very high connections in the government. I'm guessing she must because I cannot fathom how this kind of sexual exploitation can go undetected FOR YEARS!!!!!!

Now come on! Who from which political party will fast till justice is done? Many were willing to do it to protest the evil IPL because it gives India a bad name na? So many sacrifices were being made to protect Indias' integrity then. But I guess this incident isn't half as important or damaging to the nation as the IPL is. Maybe that's also because it is the girls' fault. They only must have dressed up provocatively. They only must have tempted the men by dancing just like those IPL cheerleaders and the girls that go to discotheques and nightclubs because they drink, have no elders to guide them, thus increasing todays divorce rate. So they deserve it.

Here's another thing to think about. The very day Luke Pomersbach was taken into custody within 2 hours of a foreigner 'claiming', 'alleging' not rape but molestation, a student of the all girls Haryana law college was forced into a car and constantly raped for 24 HOURS by 4 men. She was then thrown in front of the college gate. She went to the cops, the hospital, identified the men but nothing happened till the students went out and blocked traffic in protest! Double standards???? Why does a law abiding, tax paying citizen never get such a quick response in their own country? Why do politicians not speak out and stand up for these things? Why does no one speak of the immorality of these atrocities which are becoming a part of everyday life? Ab izzat kahaan gayi?

Haryanas' governing parties and Khap punchayats are a national disgrace. Every horrific incident seems to stem from there - it almost ceases to shock me to hear it happened in Haryana. How sick, deprived, inhuman and stupid can people be?? Look no further - Haryana will show you! Why isn't the national government able to do something about this and help this state!? It is right under its nose, right beside the nations capital!!!!! Ofcourse I'm not saying ever single person from Haryana is like this before anyone goes off on me, I'm generalizing and like I said I'm venting!

Tomorrow will be a new day, there'll be more news and gossip about fashion faux pas, love affairs, awards and scandals and we'll forget everything that happened just a few hours ago. Just like we forgot about the terrorist attacks. Shame on us. Shame on the country! What the fuck is wrong with us!? Why are we so damn accepting of everything? It isn't our fate. If Gandhi sat back and said that the English ruling us was 'fate', would have our independent India today?

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