Izzat? (Respect?)

Majority of us in most big cities are educated, but when it comes to beliefs about what is right and wrong, our education unfortunately seems to end there. We seem to blindly accept the things we've been conditioned to as real and right. Ever notice how people will scream and stand by 'their' opinions, but when prodded and questioned, they will either blame our culture, religion, tradition or simply say because this is how it's always been?

We have temples all across the country with statues showing the female form in all its naked splendor. Yet if a girl wears shorts or a tube top, she's asking to be raped because a real Indian woman keeps herself covered.

In the land of Kamasutra, talking openly of sex, showing it in our movies etc. is taboo and 'western' culture. Indias' population proves Indians don't have sex and babies can only be a gift from God.

A single girl renting a flat who has friends and a life, must be a prostitute. But if it's a single man who has a hundred different women coming over to his home, it's okay.

Someone recently tweeted, in India consensual kissing in public is unacceptable, but raping a girl, and marrying her after, is acceptable. It's 2011 - when are we going to stop being ostriches with heads buried in the sand - blind to everything around, unwilling to see reality... agar izzat ki baat hai toh pehle poocho, kaunsi izzat ki baat kar rahen hain aap?

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